EE385B - Computer Architecture Seminar

All seminars are held Wednesday in Gates 100, beginning at 12:15 pm. For more information, send e-mail to flynn@arith.


Current Schedule for Spring Quarter 1998-99

March 31 Nirmal Saxena: Fault-Tolerance with Multithreaded Computing - A New Approach
April 7 Borivoje Nikolic: High-Speed Flip-Flop Design
April 14 Chris Wilson: Fujitsu System Technologies, a Business Unit of HAL Computer Systems
April 21 Alice Yu: Understanding Properties of Unchanging Blocks
April 28 Jim Smith: Automated Allocation of Complex Components
May 5 Vincent Lo: Design of Shift Counters with Arbitrary Modulus
May 12 Hyuk Jun Lee: High speed interconnect scheme for pipelined FPGA
May 19 Luc Semeria: System-level Synthesis in C/C++
May 26 Roland Ibbett : Visualisation Techniques in Computer Architecture
Patrick Hung: IPLAN: Floorplanning for Gigahertz Processors
June 2 Oskar Mencer: tbd


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