EE385B Schedule of Speakers

Spring 1997

All seminars are held in Gates B08 beginning at 12:15 pm. Note new room!
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Instructor: Martin Morf

Topic this Spring: Multi-Media and Communication Processor Architectures

April 2

M. Morf: Software Defined Radios, New Communication Processor Architectures

April 9

O. Mencer, CSL: FPGAs for Handheld Multimedia Computers - An Analysis of FPGAs in Terms of Programmability, Performance and Power (P^3)

April 16

R. Lee, HP : Ubiquitous Parallelism for Super-linear Speedup or How to Use Subword Parallel Instructions Effectively

April 23

John Owens and Matthew Eldridge, Computer Graphics Lab , web : Lightning: the FLASH Graphics Framebuffer

April 30

Hyuk-Jun Lee : Introduction to Switching Architectures for All Optical Networks

May 7

Andrew Zimmerman : (Multiprocessor Caches)

May 14

Steve Fu : Cost Performance Optimization of Microprocessors

May 21

John Johnson, Micro Magic, Inc. : Nic -- A Compiled Simulator Generator

May 28

K. Konstantinides, HP Labs : Hardware implementations of image and video compression algorithms.

Speaker Pool (suggestions wellcome):

Alice Yu

Dan Zucker

Oskar Mencer

* slots for:

Steve Fu

Kevin Rudd

Gerald Luiz


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