Department of Electrical Engineering

Request for Visiting Scholar Card

To: Sharon Gerlach, Godzilla Trailer Rm. 113, MC 9505
From (administrator):
Faculty sponsor:

1. Visitor's name

2. Country of citizenship

3. Highest academic degree, date and granting institution (PhD or "expert" status as demonstrated in publication record)

4. Scholar's employer

5. Source of funding (Stanford funding is not allowed):
Personal Employer Government Other
6. Inclusive dates of visit

7. Brief description of Visiting Scholar's activities at Stanford

8. Will the scholar be working in a lab or facility that generates/manages hazardous chemical waste material?
(If so, Health and Safety training required) Yes No
9. For foreign scholars, account number to charge Bechtel fee:

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Information on Procedure

Upon approval, the Visiting Scholar's card will be issued. We will occasionally ask for a list of the scholar's publications to verify expertise status. If qualifications do not comply with Stanford's Policy on Visiting Scholars, we will suggest a Visiting Researcher appointment which is processed through the Registrar's office.

Please Note: An IAP-66 request cannot not be used as a request for a Visiting Scholar or Postdoctoral Scholar appointment.

Visa Requests:

Not all foreign scholars need visa certificates in order to be admitted to the US. Please encourage foreign visitors to arrange for B-1 status whenever possible, or to take advantage of the visa waiver provisions allowed to citizens of Japan and many Western European countries if the scholar plans to remain for less than ninety days.

In cases of initial entry of foreign scholars who need Stanford visa certificates ( IAP-66) in order to be admitted to the US or to be transferred from another US institution, please make certain that they receive the IAP-66 well before departure from their home countries and that they understand they must use the IAP-66 to apply for the J-1 visa at a US consulate. In the case of a foreign Visiting Scholar who wishes to transfer a J-1 visa sponsorship from another US institution to that of Stanford, the Visiting Scholar should submit the Stanford IAP-66 to the Immigration and Naturalization Service no later than 60 days before the intended dates of arrival at Stanford.

The University must now charge a $100.00 fee for providing immigration-related services such as the IAP-66. This fee will cover initial issuance of the IAP-66, subsequent extensions and documents for family members. The fee is charged no matter how long the scholar will be visiting Stanford. However, if a scholar regularly returns (at least once each academic year), there will only be the initial fee. If the scholar is away more than one academic year before returning to Stanford than a further fee will be necessary.

When a Faculty sponsor requests an IAP-66 for a Visiting Scholar, the Visa Certificate request form requires that an account number be specified for the $100.00 fee--the appropriate transfer will be made by the Controllers office.

To request an IAP-66 application, see the instructions for obtaining the current Forsythe file or call the Office of Foreign Scholar Services at Bechtel (5-0885). You are required to forward all IAP-66 requests by e-mail to Sherry (haley@ee) for department approval. Upon approval, the form will be electronically forwarded to Bechtel (cg.fss@forsythe) with a cc to the sponsor.