Reconfigurable Wireless Networks for Multimode Communications

"Mobile Adaptive Computing"

The Computer Architecture and Arithmetic group investigates research problems in computer organization, memory hierarchy, multiprocessor architectures, multimedia, and arithmetic algorithms and implementations.

Adaptive Computing Systems research involves the application level (e.g., multimedia, user level security and communication), processor and memory level (course grain architecture), all the way down to the gate and devices level (e.g., programmable logic devices.)

Our 1997 Project Summary can be found on the DARPA/ITO Sponsored Research Programs site.


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Members at Stanford:

Principal Investigator: Michael J. Flynn

Co-Investigator: Martin Morf

Graduate Students:

Oskar Mencer
Hyuk-Jun Lee
Special Projects Students:
Craig Dowie
Hon-Cheong Leung


ball W.H. Mangione-Smith, B. Hutchings, D. Andrews, A. DeHon, C. Ebeling, R. Hartenstein, O. Mencer, J. Morris, K. Palem, V. Prasanna, H. Spaanenburg, "Configurable Computing," IEEE Computer Magazine, Dec. 1997.

ball O. Mencer, M. Morf, M. Flynn, "Hardware Software Tri-Design of Encryption for Mobile Communication Units," ICASSP 1998. [ pdf , ps ]

ball O. Mencer, M. Morf, M. J. Flynn, "PAM-Blox: High Performance FPGA Design for Adaptive Computing ," IEEE Symposium on FPGAs for Custom Computing Machines, Napa Valley, 1998.

ball O. Mencer, M. Morf, "CORDICs for Reconfigurable Computing," FPGA Design Conference and Exhibit, Yokohama, Japan, June 1998.

Manuals and Documents:

Transceiver Manual [ pdf , ps ]

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