Optimum Pipelining

The following page should help you to design an Optimum Pipeline. This does not mean that it will do all the work for you. Be aware of the fact that having a result created by this page does not mean that it is right. The steps according to the book are :

Step 1 : Sopt

Sum of all execution delays : T =
Branch Misspredict Frequency : b =
Stretching Factor : k =
Clocking : C = tg+td+2lambda =

Sopt =

Step 2 : Performance vs. Cycle Time

The following values are a suggestion for the range of cycle time that you should examine.
Try cycle time range : [ , ]

Cycle Time Number of Stages needed : S=


Step 3 : Optimum Pipeline

There is no help for this step. You have to decide by yourself which cycle time is the optimal one for your objectives.

Last update : 10/20/2001