Bus Occupancy Iteration

N Processors are sharing a bus. We can model a system with or without request resubmissions. Without resubmissions we can use the Null Binomial Model which is identical with the first iteration of the model with resubmissions. Therefore the first click on 'Iterate' will deliver the Null Binomial solution and every consecutive click improves the solution towards the model with resubmission.
Rho, the bus occupancy of a single processor is calculated automatically after the first two values (BTT, PT) are entered. After entering N, BTT and PT, iterate to get the final solution.

Number of Processors N =
Bus Transaction Time (BTT)
Processor Time (PT)
a =
iterated occupancy rho_a =
B(rho,N) = N x rho_a =

Last update : 10/20/2001