Silicon Area Tool

This tool is intended as an extension to chapter 2.3.1 Area. Terminology basically follows the book. As a first step this tool does the conversion between rbe, mm^2 and A, given feature size or resolution. The script can automatically detect which fields are filled and calculate the missing values.
The second part deals with going from wafers to netarea and beyond.

The results of this page are off by about 1 % due to low precision of JavaScript.

Conversion :

Conversion is done automatically. Just enter a value and the tool will calculate the remaining ones immediately.
First please enter feature size or resolution. Second, enter mm^2, rbe or A.

feature size f = u resolution lambda = u
Area = mm^2 rbe A

Using Area :

The dependencies between the following values are strictly according to the book. The calculations assume that the diameter of the wafer is a lot larger than square-root(Gross Area).

Technology :

Diameter of Wafer cm rho_d = defs/cm^2 Cost per Wafer $

Equivalent values (change one, observe the others).

Yield = Gross Area cm^2 Net Area cm^2

Results :

Number of Dice : Good Dice : Cost per Die $

Last update: 10/20/2001