Date: Thu, 05 Feb 1998 15:16:11 -0800
To: gates@CS.Stanford.EDU
From: Peche Turner 
Subject: Winter Storm Information
Announcement.....The Stanford Emergency Information Hotline, 725-5555, is operating and it will continue to provide campus status reports and updates on the effects of winter storms.

More detailed emergency information is on the Stanford Home Page, which links to articles and flood safety tips in the Stanford Report.

These pages link to the EH&S web site, which also features storm preparedness and response information.

Use the time during this brief lull between storms to review your department preparedness plans and emergency notification procedures---and to remind your colleagues and students about this important information.

Roni Gordon, Ph.D.
Manager-Emergency Preparedness & Safety Training
Stanford University EH&S

From Sharon Gerlach                  Feb 3, 98 11:46:24 am -0700 
Subject: Emergency hotline
The University emergency hotline at 725-5555 has been activated and has
recorded information on building closures, etc.  The next update will be 
at 1:00.
As the earlier msg announced, classes are cancelled today, students can
call 497-9000 for update information.