3/10  CSL Staff Meeting - notes

The csl machine:

  -replacing shasta as lab's resource computer


  -mail aliases   [universal format/lastname@csl; dist. lists]

  -pedit use      [staff should be registered pedit "maintainers"]

  -printers       [tell me which ones you use, to get them added]

  -web pages      [cp ~gere/public_html/index.html to ~your/public_html]

  -as backup account to regular host for downtime, etc.

  -a temporary resource for new people without a regular machine yet

What it's NOT for:

   ~major file storage 

   ~heavy regular use (other than admin staff, if necessary) 

Utilities you should know & love:

* lookup/pedit - CS info database  [new: man pages available on csl]

* whois - University database  [new: it works now; with the Stanford default]

* finger plan -   (a file containing 
                 information about you, like a home page "before the Web" :)

* forward file - 
            (this is one line, containing you@hostname-where-you-read-mail)

* system alias - (if you are, for instance, /user/west aka:twynn aka:terry, 
            these can all be mapped to the same user by request)


- do you have a .forward to your regular mail host?
  (and would anyone try to use other than your_user_name or your_last_name?)

- do you have a home page on csl [which may point to your "real" page]?
  (alternative: make a finger .plan file w/contact info, etc.)
  (that's not a bad idea to have one of, in general)

- have you told Susan to create the link, when finished?

- are your group's/faculty's page(s) correct and/or pointed to the right place?
  (look at  http://csl.stanford.edu/faculty.html 
   as well as  http://csl.stanford.edu/intro.html )

- are you a pedit maintainer, and are your group members up to date?

- are your customary printers recognized by csl? (try "lpq -Pwhatsis")

  [-don't wait until it's 5pm on Friday to find out it's not there!]