Subject: Core Financials Web Site
From eileen@shasta.Stanford.EDU  Mon Feb  3 17:35:12 1997

We're pleased to announce that the Core Financials Web site is now
available to the public at 
You'll find the latest news from the project, background information, 
information on how to contact team members, links to other sites and a form for
sending us comments and feedback. Please note that there is still work to do 
on the site. In particular, we plan to have the sections labeled "Coming Soon"
finished shortly. These include Frequently Asked Questions, presentations
and other documents.

Please let us know how we can improve the site. Special thanks to Greg
Muscarella with the Controller's Office who put the site up for us.

Wynn Hausser
Core Financials Project
857 Serra Street, Room 200
Stanford, CA 94305-6200
ph: (415) 723-6845
fax: (415) 723-4564