Spectrum Reconfigurable Computing Platform

FPGA Devices:
2 XC4010s on Reconfigurable Interface Card (G800-RIC)
32 XC4013s grouped in XMODules ( -- see Notes below)
On-board RAM:
Maximum 128 MB DRAM and 4 MB SRAM ( --See Notes below)
External bus:
VESA (VL) Local bus (PCI in September, VME in December)
30 MB/sec memory mapped, 133 MB/sec bus master burst mode
VESA Media Channel)-25 MHz, 32-bit (100 MB/sec) video bus
50 pad VMC edge fingers connect to variety of peripherals
50-pin external connector supports 32-bit I/O devices
130-pin Virtual Bus Architecture programmable for 32-bit
pipelines, global busses, isolated busses, rings, meshes
All interconnect via Xilinx 4010's on G800 RIC.
Dataflow specific bandwidths vary from 64-bit global bus
@ 17 MHz to 32-bit pipeline @ 76 Mhz. 5 low skew, high
quality clocks are provided per FPGA.
2374 Eunice St.
Berkeley, CA. 94708
Phone (510) 528-8438
Fax (510) 526-6688
XMODs have 2 XC4000 series FPGAs on a 2.4" x 3.65" card
with 2 100-pin stacking connectors on the top and bottom.
Up to 8 XMODs may be in 1 stack. Up to 16 XMODs or I/OMODs
of all types on Giga Ops' G-800 RIC in 4 stacks of 4 each.

X210MOD = 2 x XC4010s, 8 MB DRAM, 256 K SRAM
X213MOD = 2 x XC4013s, 8 MB DRAM, 256 K SRAM
VIDMOD = I/O for Composite, S-Video, PAL, SECAM, R,G,B

16 x X213MODs = 32 XC4013s, 128 MB DRAM, 4 MB SRAM 16 x X210MODs = 32 XC4013s, 128 MB DRAM, 4 MB SRAM
XLINK-OS automates the interface between routed Xilinx
configurations and FPGAs. Features include condensing
bit files to single executables, loading files to correct
correct FPGAs in system, assigning addresses to variables
and handling parameter passing.

The Spectrum architecture is open and supported by third
party developers. Contact docmgr@gigaops.com for Spectrum
specifications. XMODs may be connected to custom boards or
embedded in peripheral devices.

The XC Compiler is a C syntax HDL for Xilinx FPGAs.
The IC Compiler is an ANSI C Compiler for Xilinx FPGAs.
Both compilers are available to qualified researchers.
Video computing, DSP, and I/O libraries are available.